Monday, 27 October 2008

Obama on inspirational form

I know there's some people out there who are yet to be convinced about how inspirational Barack Obama can be. But I challenge them to watch this video of the concluding part of a campaign speech Obama made today and see if they can understand why so many people are inspired by him.

Yes, campaign speeches don't necessarily mean someone's going to be a good President - let's face it, JFK's record as President was probably less impressive than some of his rhetoric - but I don't think people should under-estimate the power of words to make a difference in politics.

If Obama governs as well as he's campaigned, both in terms of inspiring people and in terms of organisation, then he has the potential to be a very good President indeed.

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Stephen B said...

Your argument implies that Howard Dean wouldn't have been a good president based on his rhetorical abilities...

You might also be interested in a snippet from Bloggingheads diavlog from back in March 08 discussing Obama's rhetoric and why it hits people's buttons.

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