Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Mind the Gap!

While Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has blown $150k on a fashion spree since her nomination, the Obama family's fashion tastes appear rather more modest, as this video from July makes clear:

And if you want a further contrast between the campaigns, check out Obama's shoes.

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Stephen B said...

Well...a couple of (not very serious) points...

I'm guessing that Alaska has different clothing attitudes to the lower states meaning that Palin has probably needed to make up a deficit in this campaign.

She has probably spent more on a decent gun in the past year that a honing down a wardrobe for when she runs for the high office she's had her eye on since the day she was born - I know I have.

And while we're on Alaska, I caught this and found it amusing...can't imagine why, living in Scotland and all...

Finally, is this Obama worship for real? I'm not particularly pro-Obama but neither am I particularly anti but there does seem to be a vaguely hysterical tone to the coverage of him at the moment - the kind of tone that people look back on an wonder what they were thinking of at the time. But I would probably say that if Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha announced a new tour together.

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