Tuesday, 12 May 2009

And the nominations for Worst Speaker Of All Time are...

... Michael Martin, for his obvious bias towards his former Labour colleagues during his time in office.

... Michael Martin, for unnecessarily spending money to seek a second opinion from lawyers when seeking to block details of MPs' travel expenses from being published under the Freedom of Information Act.

... Michael Martin, for his own extravagance in foreign trips and expenses.

... Michael Martin, for failing to seek a warrant from police wishing to search the office of Tory MP Damian Green.

.... Michael Martin, for his utterly unjustified attack yesterday on two MPs (Kate Hoey and Norman Baker) who have been long-time campaigners for reform of the MPs' expenses system.

And the winner is... well, surprise, surprise, it's Michael Martin, for becoming the first Speaker in over 300 years to be facing the prospect of a motion of no confidence, showing the lack of faith many of his Parliamentary colleague have in his ability to do the job.

And yet, despite this thoroughly deserved award, Gordon Brown still thinks that Speaker Martin is doing 'a good job'.

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