Thursday, 21 May 2009

Good stuff from Shirley Williams

There's an excellent article in The Independent today from Shirley Williams, arguing against an early election and putting forward a very good case for further constitutional reform. You can read it here.


Stephen B said...

My reading of Shirl's idea is that (to paraphrase), "All parties or a panel of experts should be asked with form of PR they like best and then present this to the people to decide which they like best so they will feel empowered because of this."

In market research we might call this a somewhat leading statement!

Bernard Salmon said...

I've read Shirl's article again very carefully and I don't see on what basis you make that claim, Stephen. First of all, she's talking about much wider constitutional reform than just PR. And secondly, I don't see how you come to the conclusion that the process she describes would be leading the discussion in the way you suggest.
I think what we need is a constitutional convention, along the lines of the one in Scotland which led to devolution, which looks at the whole way this country is governed. And that convention should be as open and inclusive as possible. The expenses scandal has shown just how rotten our political system is.

Bernard Salmon said...

Neil Craig, don't bother posting libellous comments on this blog in future - they won't be published.

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