Sunday, 31 August 2008

The kindness of strangers

I was travelling through to Elgin last night on the A96 and had a puncture. And when I managed to stop in a lay-by, I then discovered that I had no credit left on my phone with which to call out my breakdown assistance.

I have been shown how to change a tyre, but I wouldn't be confident enough to do it myself at this stage. I was therefore in a somewhat sticky situation.

Thankfully, a few minutes later a couple stopped and offered to help. The guy changed the tyre for me and waited until I'd got going again before heading on his way himself. The couple even waved away my offer to give them something in return for their generosity and time.

I think it's highly unlikely the couple concerned will be reading this, but I wish to thank them both for the extreme kindness they showed. Don't ever let anyone tell you that there are not plenty of good people around.

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Caron said...

I guess the thing to do is to pass their kindness on to someone else. I am also glad to see that you had the same reaction as me when confronted with a flat tyre. I actually called the AA. My husband was quite disparaging about this, I have to say. I know how to do it, but am not confident that I have sufficient brute force within me to make the new tyre stay on...........

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