Tuesday, 26 August 2008

And while I'm apologising...

I should also say sorry to all my fans (both of you) for the recent blogging hiatus, which was caused by my being away for a couple of weeks with no internet access.

The occasion was a family wedding in Shropshire which was an excellent occasion. And I decided to take the chance to visit a number of places which I'd wanted to go to for some time, so I stayed in Berwick and the Yorkshire Dales on the way down, and then headed over to north Wales.

Weather was absolutely lousy throughout - out of my fortnight away, I only had two days without any rain. Even by the standards of a British summer, that wasn't great.


Stephen B said...

I see you have managed to be Iain Dale's 29th best Scottish blogger! (see here for details).

Well done.

Stephen Glenn said...

Must have more than two fans then Bernard.

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