Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A load of balls

I'm sure I speak for everyone in Scotland in wishing the England football team the best of luck this evening. Don't I?


Duncan Borrowman said...

My scottish wife cheered England in the Rugby World Cup (when not cheering Scotland)
Given she comes from a Scottish Rugby playing family, and we can't be in the same house for England v Scotland this was quite a shock!

(But given she cheered Tonga too as a Scotland fan she is used to supporting losers :-))

wit and wisdom said...

Glad to hear it and very grateful for the support. God knows we're gonna need it!

Kiron Reid said...

Well I'm magnamimous as Liverpool Irish to other teams nowdays

In answer to your question Bernard would I start a blog .. I wonder who would read them but then I make an exception for such as you, Calder, Boyle, Titley and Wilcock and I guess a few others. I'd love to be an MP and then all one's musings could be recorded in Hansard :-) but do many people read that!!
Kiron Reid

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