Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Allegory of good government

While I was in Siena, I took the opportunity

of climbing up the campanile of the Palazzo Pubblico, which is the town hall in the city. Siena is one of the few Italian cities to have a civic rather than a religious building as its main focus and the views from the top of the campanile are certainly worthwhile. Afterwards, it's worth popping in to the Museo Civico in the building, to see the fresco paintings by Lorenzetti entitled Allegories of Good and Bad Government, which I thought were excellent. Appropriately enough, the fresco devoted to Good Government has survived rather better than the Bad Government one, which has deteriorated rather badly over the centuries.


Stephen B said...

mmm...has the good government been elected by PR?

James Graham said...

Careful Bernard, look what happened when I blogged about this!

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