Monday 20 October 2008

Lembit Opik, blogging and Ros Scott

Earlier today, some of you will have seen a blog entry from Irfan Ahmed in which he welcomed Lembit Opik's commitment to start blogging should he get elected as Lib Dem president. He then mistakenly claimed that Ros Scott had not revealed any plans to start blogging, apparently unaware that Ros has been blogging since January. Irfan has since apologised for his error and updated his posting.

Now, I'm not criticising Irfan for his error - everyone makes mistakes from time to time when blogging. But to me this sums up the differences between the presidential candidates and makes me glad I've cast my vote for Ros. Lembit, for all his talk about changing the way the party campaigns, merely gives a commitment to do something should he get elected. Ros has already been doing it for months.

This comes on top of Lembit having an election address which included lots of tightly-packed text which would be difficult for many members to read. In contrast, Ros's looked good and gave a clear message of what she wants to achieve.

I'd have to say, if there is one candidate in this election that's campaigning in primary colours, it's Ros and not Lembit.


Alasdair W said...

Ros has been campaigning for a very long time. It shows her commitment. When I got the previliage to speak to her in person at the Liberal Youth Conference, she explained that she had first decided she wanted to become President 2 years ago, and basically she'd been campaigning and meeting and talking to people since then. I've been a member since February, and I've been aware of her campaign since around then.
That really shows her commitment and determination.

Anonymous said...

I've already voted and am feeling a bit annoyed that I put Lembit as number 2. Lembit's behaviour in the last week makes me wonder whether I did the right thing. But hopefully he won't benefit from my second preference.

Anonymous said...

Lembit, as usual, is all talk. It's the hot air he's oh so good at. I'm truly amazed that there remain those who are fooled by his grandiose weasel words. His arrogance and ego defy belief. Just look at the disasterous way he's handled things this week. He thinks he should be shoe-horned into the role of president and actually believe his media persona is reason enough to get him the job! He really does not get the fact that his media persona is of am embarrassing buffoon, who thinks it's brilliant to be photographed with a girly half his age in a state of undress. Let's be blunt about this, people think he's a complete twat!

Bernard Salmon said...

Anonymous: While undoubtedly there are people who think, as you put it, that Lembit is a twat, I'm not one of them. I have a lot of time for Lembit and think that he is potentially a very talented politician if he would only knuckle down and show a serious side. I just happen to think in this election Ros is a better candidate to be president.

Stephen Glenn said...

David like you having already posted a 1 for Ros 2 for Lembit before the shenanigans of the last week from Team Lembit wish I could re-order my preferences.

I agree with you Bernard the one thing that stands out is that Ros has been showing practically what she will bring to the Presidency long before the official starty time of the campaign, Lembit is making promises of things he will do only if elected. If Lembit really did think being President was the thing for him he should really have knuckled down to this long ago rather than seemingly quickly assmebling something after the start of Federal Conference.

If you want organisation, committment, planning and effectiveness REos stands out head and shoulders at the top.

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