Wednesday, 19 August 2009

A few additions to my blogroll

Partly following on from my last post, I've now updated my blogroll. As well as Mark Reckons and Himmelgarten Cafe whom I've already referred to, the Honourable Lady Mark, Fraser MacPherson, that elephant in the room, the Social Liberal Forum (whose two recent posts on the health debate I'd recommend that people read), Norfolk Blogger and the excellent Welsh Lib Dem site Freedom Central all make it for the first time. I've also got round to updating the often infuriating, frequently plain wrong but always interesting Charlotte Gore from her old site to her new one.


Jeff said...

A refreshing cross-section of UK parties there.


Bernard Salmon said...

Er, Jeff, you obviously haven't noticed that I have a section below my Lib Dem blogroll for other political sites, which includes among others Labour Home and Conservative Home. I just haven't come across any blogs recently from other political parties that I felt were worthy of adding to my blogroll. Got a problem with that?

Jeff said...

Crikey, you'll be asking me to step outside next.

No problem guv'nor, as you were...

(I had noticed your other links and you're of course perfectly entitled to add whichever blogs you want, just surprised that you chose only Lib Dem blogs this time.

If you don't want comments maybe you should add authorisation and only let the Lib Dem chat through?)

Bernard Salmon said...

Jeff, in retrospect the last sentence of my previous comment was poorly phrased. But if you leave a sarky comment on my blog, don't be surprised if I get a little sarky in return.
As to the last sentence of your comment, I don't see where you get that idea about comments from.

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