Tuesday, 4 November 2008

US election results live blog

A terrific victory speech from President-elect Obama. And, boy, does it feel good to be able to write that.
And on that note, it's time to say good night and head for my bed. What a night!

Great scenes of celebration.


Fox has just called Virginia for Obama. I suspect we only have to wait a quarter of an hour until Obama's over the top, as California and Washington should be called immediately they close.

With Iowa having been called for Obama, the only question that's left is the scale of his victory. He's currently ahead in Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida, so this is looking like a major blowout.
And that means my prediction of 310-228 is absolute pants.

Ohio called for Obama - this election is over.

Fox have called New Mexico for Obama. Remember, that, Colorado and Iowa would be enough for Obama regardless of what happens elsewhere.

Nate Silver at 538.com says Obama outperforming Kerry by 12-15 points in eastern half of Virginia, while about the same in western half and expects it will be very close overall.

CNN puts Obama 54-45 ahead in early tallies from Florida.

McCain is toast. With Pennsylvania being called very quickly for Obama, MSNBC is saying McCain's victory strategy has crashed.

McCain picks up SC and WV, neither of which is a surprise. But 538.com and Daily Kos both saying Indiana looking pretty good for Obama.

West Virginia, South Carolina and Ohio all closed but too early too call.

Dems win Virginia Senate seat and Reps win South Carolina Senate seat.

First official results - McCain in Kentucky, Obama in Vermont, no surprises there. But I'm surprised they've called KY already given that the early tallies seem quite close.

I really hope that the Beeb have learned a lesson from the fiasco of their local election results coverage in May. Certainly Jeremy Vine seems rather more restrained.

Continuing my election night tradition of opening a decent bottle of Chianti - good stuff.

MSNBC exit poll highlighting that the economy is unsurprisingly the most important electoral issue, with 93% saying the economy's in bad shape. Who are the 7% who think it isn't?

First polls closed a few minutes ago in parts of Indiana and Kentucky.
Over on MSNBC, they're talking about how excited people seem to be about this election, as reflected in the turnout and the enthusiasm people are showing.

I'll be paying attention in particular to MSNBC (which has supplied the results widget on this blog page), CNN, the BBC, fivethirtyeight.com, Daily Kos, the Huffington Post and Lib Dem Voice, so I hope I'll be able to bring you a good variety of comment and analysis of the results.

22.50/17.50 ET

Good evening all and welcome to my liveblog of the US election results. Not long to go now. I'll be commenting on the results as they come in. And anyone who wants to have their say can do so via the comments, where I've turned off the comments moderation facility for the occasion.


Will said...

Interesting: Fox and Sky have called West Virginia for McCain. No one else has though.

Unknown said...

Hi Bernard. Looks good so far.

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