Monday, 14 September 2009

I agree with Brendan Barber

Brendan Barber is absolutely right.

I'm so glad we've moved on from the days when the governing party's economic incompetence led to recession which left 3 million people on the dole.

I'm delighted we no longer have a government which attacks some of the poorest people in scoiety, taking away their benefits and even turning them out of their homes if they can't work.

It makes a refreshing change not to have a government which blindly supports right-wing Republican presidents in their military escapades.

It's terrific not to have a government which panders to the right-wing tabloid press on issues like immigration.

And I'm sure I'm not alone in welcoming the fact that we no longer have a government which doesn't care about the gap between rich and poor.

Yep, Brendan Barber's totally correct. If we had all those things happening, there would undoubtedly be riots in the streets.


Stephen B said...

It is reassuring that in a world of disruption and change that you know where you stand with the Liberal Democrats.

They would never pander to the right wing (Boo! Hiss!) press.

And in their innate decency in opposing the criminal US right wing (Boo! Hiss!), they associated with upright moderates who were at one with their liberal views.

I, for one, also sleep easier, knowing that they would never, ever support the party that would supports the right wing (Boo! Hiss!) Republican (Booooooo!!!) bandits and that panders to the rights (etc!) base instincts on matters of race.

But on a more serious note, I would have thought that, as a Lefty (Hurrah!) you would have supported Barber in everything bar his choice of party.

Stephen B said...

awww heck...if you have to explain a joke,it's a pretty good indication that the joke isn't worth explaining...

That said, the second and third links that got messed up in my first post were:


I'll get me coat.

Bernard Salmon said...

By the way, although I used the phrase myself, I've never understood that expression 'riots in the streets'. Where else would you have a riot? You don't exactly get people saying: "I'm going to stay at home and start a riot. I'm going to lob a Molotov cocktail at the cat, break all my windows, loot my home and smash up my car."

Stephen B said...

Well, you could have rioting in public places that aren't highways I suppose. But I guess 'rioting in that small passage that runs between Midmills Road and Broadstone Park' or 'rioting on the bit of grass outside New Century House' don't sound as gripping really.

And let's not forget the Cleggster's small scale non-street rioting either!

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