Friday, 19 June 2009

How not to respond to expenses questions

A quite extraordinary performance from Falkirk West Labour MP Eric Joyce on Newsnight Scotland last night.

He is the biggest expenses claimant among the MPs and he quite clearly doesn't get the anger there is across the country about the issue.

In the interview by Gordon Brewer, he sees no problem in hiring as a consultant a man to whom he'd acted as best man at his wedding. When asked why he charged the taxpayer for buying three oil paintings for his constituency office, Joyce's answer was: "Because they look nice".

And the most toe-curlingly embarrassing moment was when he was asked whether he'd paid capital gains tax when he'd sold his second home and responded that Brewer was trying to delve into his personal life. My jaw was hanging open at that point. He really just doesn't get it at all.

If you want to see Joyce's spectacularly misjudged and arrogant performance for yourself, here it is.

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Stephen B said...

This continues to be staggering and the details for all our MPs in some ways just makes me madder.

Put it this way, if I went to my accountant and tried to claim for shelves and cupboards to be erected in my living room, between £300 and £400 each month on food, a pedal bin for my home, my parking fines, my removal costs and muffins bought for my staff, his responses would range from, 'are you having a laugh?' through to 'that's fine, but you will need to pay tax or NICs on that.' I'm not sure that this is the case with our Masters.

So, it's nice to think that, as someone on a low wage, I can help subsidize all the needy MPs on a high wage.

F█████g B██████ds.

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