Friday, 17 April 2009

File under: "You couldn't make it up"

Came across this on Daily Kos. The Republican congressional candidate in a special election caused by Kirsten Gillibrand being elevated to the Senate in place of Hillary Clinton is suing to be declared the winner, even though he's currently 178 votes BEHIND.

I know Republicans have a history of being declared the winners of elections when their guy got fewer votes, but someone really ought to tell them that the basic principle of a first past the post electoral system is that the person with the MOST votes wins.


David said...

It's not quite as simple as that in the US, particularly with absentee ballots - remember GW Bush v Gore

See here for more detail;s on this particular shindig.

Bernard Salmon said...

The thing is, not all counties in NY-20 have yet finished counting their absentee ballots. So Tedisco's move is both premature and absurd.

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