Monday, 9 March 2009

Harrogate Conference: Kirsty Williams

I missed new Welsh Lib Dem leader Kirsty Williams' speech to the conference at Harrogate. But I'd heard it was pretty good, and so I sought it out on the party website just now.

And the reports were right. Kirsty has the makings of a real political star, as she's passionate, intelligent and an excellent speaker. I'm confident that under her leadership, the Welsh Lib Dems will face a bright future.

If, like me, you missed her speech at Harrogate, here it is:


Frank H Little said...

What do you mean, "the makings"? Kirsty is a star.

neil craig said...

Depends very much what she is passionate & intelligent about. The mesage should be more important than the way it is said. Is she passionate about promoting eco-fascist parasitism & about the benefits of racial genocide & dissecting living teenagers & stuff like this
like other Pseudo Liberala?

If so surely, however passionate her commitment she desrves no decent human's vote.

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