Monday, 2 February 2009

Picture perfect

I was pleased to hear today's news that the £50m appeal to secure the future of the Titian painting Diana and Actaeon within the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland and the National Gallery has been successful.

I made a small donation to the appeal, as I believe it's important that investment is made in culture, and having world class art collections in Scotland and the UK is part of that.

Obviously, some people question such expenditure at a time of economic crisis, but many of those people don't think we should ever spend anything on cultural matters. That's a coherent point of view, but not one I share. A vibrant cultural sector actually helps the wider economy, both in terms of the wealth generated by cultural activities themselves and the impact it has on sectors like tourism. I would say we can't afford not to invest in culture.

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Hi Bernard

I posted an article in my blog yesterday suggesting to other Nairn-based bloggers that we hold a blog-meet; I mentioned you as a possible addition, if you wished to attend. My post is here - I couldn't see an email link in your blog, hence leaving a comment here.
Tentative dates for the meet are Tues 10th or Wed 11th Feb (i.e. next week), probably sometime in the evening, but a daytime meeting would of course suit me too if this is more convenient to others. Other details are in the comments of my post referenced above.

Do you know of other regular bloggers in Inverness who might like to come, too? At present I know of three in Nairn, including myself, although one of those gets material from a number of semi-anonymous sources, also in Nairn.

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