Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Is Obama legally the US President?

On a similar theme to the last posting, it could be argued that Barack Obama has not yet become the President.

The form of words in the presidential oath of office is specified in the Constitution, but Chief Justice Roberts made a mistake in his recitation of it - switching the word 'faithfully' to after 'the office of President of the United States'.

After a hesitation, Obama repeated this incorrect version. As he has not therefore taken the oath of office as specified in the Constitution, is he legally the US President?


Costigan Quist said...

Do you think you might be getting just a teeny, tiny bit anal about this inauguration business?

Bernard Salmon said...

Yes, probably. But just a bit of fun.

café paris said...

Big day for america, I hope Obama will change the world !

Stephen B said...

Costigan, the nights are long up here in the North and we have to make our own entertainment. Analysing the American Constitution and discussing the Federalist Papers helps fill that void for us. I'm a particular fan of of the ever-popular Federalist 10 about the pernicious effects of factions.

On another note, can any of you watch this without feeling a little nauseous (it's not smut but it might make you feel silly watching it again in about six years time if you find it uplifting now)?

Costigan Quist said...

You mean there are people out there who don't spend their evenings discussing the Federalist papers? Very odd.

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