Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Recessions can be good for us

So says Tory shadow cabinet member Andrew Lansley, according to this quote in the Evening Standard.

All politicians say stupid things from time to time, but this is particularly unhelpful for Lansley's party, which is trying to shake off the charges that it would 'do nothing' about the recession. I don't think those charges are strictly true, but they are a potentially potent weapon against them.

It's particularly dim to say one benefit of a recession is that 'people stay at home with their families' more. I suppose that's one way of describing unemployment, or being so broke you can't afford to go out.


Stephen B said...

Agreed that this is the kind of comment that can be taken badly out of context (and as the original post seems to have gone (strange that), I have no way of judging that context).

If I were a Green activist, I would probably add something like "On many counts, recession can be good for us. People tend to drive less, consume fewer wasteful harmful products, be more conscious of the energy usage and spend more time walking which is better for the environment."

All of which might be true but it won't cut much ice with people fearful of being thrown out of the houses or losing their jobs.

neil craig said...

Obviously you are deliberately taking this out of context to avoid admitting exactly who is responsible for creating the mess. I could explain exactly the problem if you were actually going to allow uncensored comments.

Norman said...

Legal challenged launched against Mandelson.

As their release says: ‘Lord Mandelson, in our view, is acting unlawfully.’

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