Wednesday, 24 September 2008

What's McCain scared of?

So, it seems that John McCain wants to postpone the first presidential debate so that he and Barack Obama can return to Washington to work on a bipartisan plan to solve the current economic crisis.

It hardly needs saying, but this is utter nonsense. There's no reason why the debate can't happen and the Senate decide on the Wall Street bail-out at the same time. People expect a President to be able to handle more than issue at once, rather than dealing with them one at a time.

Can you imagine McCain in the White House, dealing with another Russian incursion into Georgia? "I'm sorry, Mr Medvedev, but I can't deal with that right now. At the moment I'm dealing with the American economy, then next week it's climate change. Can we schedule this crisis for a week next Tuesday?" Utterly bizarre.

Of course, it couldn't be that McCain is afraid of debating with Obama, could it? He wouldn't be desperate to avoid being shown up for his lack of economic knowledge, would he? And it's utterly not the case that this is a desperate move in response to worsening situation for him in the polls, is it?

The reasons why McCain is indulging in such a stunt can only be guessed at, but Nico Pitney on the Huffington Post outlines why he's so desperate. As Electoral Vote highlights, Obama is leading and the economic crisis certainly seems to have boosted his support.

The economic crisis has highlighted the failure of Republican economic policies in the USA. And McCain's call to postpone the debates shows just why he would be so unsuitable in dealing with such an economic crisis. This election is now Obama's to lose.

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Stephen B said...

The current busting American economic bubble is a direct result of a system awash with credit created by a government who spent like a drunk sailor on shore leave.

However, I really can't imagine that a Democrat decade would have been much different. If Al Gore had won back in 2001, the only reason why we wouldn't be here now is if he had managed to muck up the economy sooner or in a different way.

Put simply, big spending governments always eventually need to be paid for, whatever the colour of the government doing the spending.

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