Sunday, 20 July 2008

Questions on the leadership election

I have not yet blogged much about the Scottish Lib Dem leadership, mainly becauseI'm yet to make up my mind who to vote for.

To help me decide, I've emailed the three candidates with a list of questions and told them that I intend to post their answers here.

The questions I've asked them are:
1) What is your vision for a liberal Scotland?
2) In what ways do we need to improve our campaigning, in particular for regional list and Scotland-wide elections?
3) Are we making enough use of new technology in our campaigning and how can this be improved?
4) How can we develop our relationships with business people, people in the voluntary sector and people involved in the mutual/co-operative movement?
5) Are there any improvements we need to make to the relationship between the Scottish Lib Dems and the federal party?
6) In the Lib Dems, we often talk about ensuring the Scottish Parliament has more powers. What additional powers would you like to see the Scottish Parliament having?
7) We are committed to replacing the council tax with a local income tax. Should we be thinking about whether we should give local authorities the right to raise revenue from a range of locally-set taxes?
8) A lot of people are disengaged from the political process, as evidenced by the rather paltry turnouts for elections. How do we reach out to those people and convince them that politics matters to their lives?
9) If elected leader, how will you involve the party's members and supporters in our policy-making and campaigning?
10) We have quite rightly attacked the SNP government for the authoritarian nature of their proposals to tackle binge drinking. How do you think the Lib Dems ought to tackle the issue?

I'll keep you posted with what answers I get.

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