Monday, 7 April 2008

I don't care

I was going to comment about the desperate way in which Labour has been pushing for the second preferences of Lib Dem voters in order to stop Boris Johnson becoming Mayor of London, but I find that Gavin Whenman, Dynamite and A Lanson Boy have said everything I was going to say.

I'm glad I don't have a vote in the London mayoral election. I would certainly be voting for Brian Paddick if I did, but if by some miracle he didn't quite make it, I really don't care which of Boris or Ken becomes mayor. The bumbling fool or the megalomaniac? I really don't see that either of them would be a palatable choice. I doubt I'd be giving a second preference if I was in London.

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Alix said...

My thoughts exactly. I doubt I'll use my second pref. All the guff about its being my "duty" to prevent Boris getting in is just making me stubborn.

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