Monday, 31 March 2008

Wendy the turkey threatens to vote for early Christmas

I see that Scottish Labour leader Wendy Alexander is making noises about putting forward a motion of no confidence in the Gnat administration's local income tax policy.

The trouble is that this is just empty posturing. Alexander knows it's quite likely that if a new election to the Scottish Parliament was held any time soon, it would almost certainly mean the Gnats increasing their tally and Labour going even further backwards. I also suspect the Lib Dems would improve a bit, while the Tories would probably stay roughly where they are.

If Wendy Alexander really believes that her leadership of Scottish Labour deserves a perfect 10 out of 10, she's deluding herself. Labour has been all over the place in its opposition to the Gnats, and time after time it's been Lib Dem leader Nicol Stephen who's been leading the fight against the Gnats, while also being prepared to work positively on areas where there is common ground, such as abolition of the council tax.

Making empty threats about such things as a vote of no confidence is not the way to convince people that Wendy really does have a clue about how to lead her party.

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