Sunday, 23 March 2008

Gnats admit Lib Dems are doing well

I see that the Gnats are trumpeting some analysis of local government by-elections which they claim would result in more seats for them if repeated at a Holyrood election.

But what is most noteworthy about their figures is that they show the Scottish Lib Dems would be the most improved party in the Scottish Parliament, up five seats from 16 to 21. I wonder whether this means we would retake Gordon from one A Salmond?

I am delighted that even the Gnats are recognising that we're providing the most effective opposition to their string of broken promises.


Stephen B said...

"Innocent bystanders were left dazed and confused today after they became the latest victims caught in the crossfire of dodgy stats between the SNP and the Lib Dems.

One man, Mr Bubb of Inverness did not want to identified, said, "We were minding our own business when, without warning, we were subjected to a heavy barrage of dodgy bar-charts, followed by a counter-attack of woad-wearing Scotsman online ranters who screamed 'Wha's like us?!' as they advanced. I now know that only one party can win here but after this I'm not too sure who it is.""

In reply to the previous thread - yes a pint would be welcome. I'll drop you a line about it.

Bernard Salmon said...

fx:Peter Snow:
It's all just a bit of fun...

Stephen B said...

I was thinking more Kate Aidie to be able to report the intensity of the occasion! Or does that show my age?

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