Monday, 24 March 2008

Bob Shaw and censorship

Over on the House of Cards, Bob Shaw is making a complete idiot of himself.

He's put up this posting about the Catholic Church's opposition to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill, which is stupid enough in itself. Comparing the Church's opposition to a particular bit of legislation with the Nazis' abolition of democracy in Germany is utterly ridiculous and many people would find it offensive.

If you go there now, you will see that there are two comments: one from me making this point, and a reply from Bob thanking me for taking the time to comment.

What you will not see is the fact that earlier on there were a total of six comments. Bob's original reply to my comment was to tell me to grow up. My reply to this was to say that the person who needed to grow up was the one making facile comparisons between the Nazis and the Catholic Church. Bob then asked whether I was really that dumb and accused me of play-acting worthy of a place on the stage. In a subsequent comment, he also asked whether I was a Catholic. My reply to this was to tell him to learn to read, as I'd clearly stated in my original comment that I had no religious affiliation. I concluded this posting by asking who looked dumb now.

For reasons best known to himself, presumably to try and make himself look less moronic, Bob has now decided to censor these comments.

Did you really think, Bob, that I wouldn't notice that you'd removed those comments? And did you think it would be all OK, that I wouldn't respond in any way?

Bob Shaw, your views on the Catholic Church's opposition to the HFE bill are ridiculous and by censoring the comments, you've proved what an illiberal idiot you are.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. If you think this in any way bothers me you are sadly mistaken. You forgot to add nah nah ner nah nah at the end of this post.

Bernard Salmon said...

Thank you for addressing my criticisms of your blog censorship in such an adult fashion.

Anonymous said...

Can't see a problem with his original post. The stench of book-burning comes from these cassocked clowns. They are not interested in a free vote. They simply want Catholic MPs to follow their instructions. They are the illiberal ones.

Stephen B said...

I thought Godwin's Law generally applied to discussions rather than articles but I suppose there's an exception for every rule.

Anyway, it's not the Papists we have to fear, it's their overlords the Reptiles that I fear the most.

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