Friday, 15 February 2008

Another perjury charge in the Tommy Sheridan case

The BBC reports that former MSP Rosemary Byrne has been charged with perjury for evidence she gave in the Tommy Sheridan libel case.

This follows the charging of Tommy himself in December for his own evidence during the trial. Tommy's wife Gail has also been interviewed by police over the evidence she gave, although no charges have yet been forthcoming for her.

Although both Byrne and Sheridan are innocent until proven guilty, I wonder, if they are convicted, whether Rosie Kane, Colin Fox and the rest of their former Scottish Socialist Party colleagues might have a case for suing them for loss of earnings? After all, they lost their seats at Holyrood largely as a result of the splits which followed Sheridan's victory over the News of the World. I'm sure a good lawyer could make out a decent case.

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Bill said...


I just discovered your blog from the latest Scottish Roundup of blogs! Welcome to blogging (you may recall we knew each other osme years ago in Inverness).


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