Tuesday, 22 January 2008

An EU referendum - who cares?

The answer seems to be: almost no-one. Indeed, the number of people who cite Europe as being the most important issue we face has several times within the last year been within the margin of error of zero.

There have been several Lib Dems saying over the last few days that we should have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. But the ONLY people who really give a toss about the EU reform treaty are the Eurobores and obsessives. Most of them aren't going to be voting Lib Dem anyway, so my suggestion to the party leadership is to tell them to take a hike.

But I'm sure Nick Clegg doesn't want to be seen as undemocratic in opposing a referendum. I have the solution. I note that the number of people who say that Europe is the most important issue we face in the latest poll is exactly the same as those who say transport is the most important issue. I therefore propose that we have a national referendum as to whether a new runway should be built at Heathrow airport. Unlike the EU reform treaty, it's a clear-cut issue which people can easily understand. It allows a simple yes/no answer. And it affects rather more people's lives than the non-issue of whether or not the EU should have a foreign minister.

A referendum on Heathrow expansion - you know it makes sense.


Lee Griffin said...

Now, do you think that people don't care about the EU or that the government and media have not tried to really convert the real situation in to laymans terms so the public can make a rational decision?

After hearing today that the ratification of this treaty means that individual member states will no longer have a say in their own countries about changes to it, say.... in to the EU constitution that failed...I'd be surprised if that didn't turn a few more heads.

As it is, ignorance is bliss when it comes to the Government as it stands, given it keeps the public from complaining.

Anonymous said...

How about a referendum on whether to allow idiots to become councillors.

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