Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Al or nothing

Like many people, I saw only a brief clip on the news of Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. But the full speech is well worth reading, which you can do here.


The Tory Troll said...

Interesting two posts that illustrate an argument I once read on another blog.

To paraphrase: For Liberals, global warming is an existential crisis in which very strong (and possibly unpleasant) measures are needed to tackle it. The War on Terror and the current threat from Islamic terrorism, on the other hand, is treated with suspicion and skepticism and viewed (among other things) as means to insidiously increase state control of our lives.

Conversely, Conservatives see it as exactly the other way round - the War on Terror represents an existential threat needing strong (and sometimes regrettably unpleasant) measures while climate change is a front for greater state control of our lives.

I suspect that the twain will never meet.

Bernard Salmon said...

I would say that very few, if any, Liberals of my acquaintance see terrorism as anything other than a big threat to our way of life. But trying to combat terrorism through the use of torture is not only wrong in principle, it's also terrible in practice, as any information extracted is often complete dross.

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